Jeremy Kyle defends male domestic violence victim after audience laugh at him

Geoff said he was forced to jump off a balcony to escape his abusive ex-lover

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Jeremy Kyle has been forced to defend a male domestic abuse victim on The Jeremy Kyle Show after the audience laughed at his traumatic story.

Geoff appeared on the controversial programme to confront his ex-girlfriend Danni about her alleged cheating and aggressive behaviour towards him.

“It was violent from her side. It is a bit embarrassing to admit it,” Geoff revealed, before recounting a time when he jumped from a third-floor balcony to get away from Danni after she locked him in. “I ended up in hospital and I cut all my arm and back open.”

The audience cruelly laughed at Geoff’s story, prompting Kyle to step in and demand they be less sexist and more sensitive.

“It’s not funny though, is it?” he said. “I don’t want to upset anyone in the audience but if a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in a flat and she’d been forced to jump out and injure herself you lot would not be laughing.

“You would be saying he is a total nightmare, he should be locked up and this is disgraceful. Just because it happened to a bloke it is not funny.”

Like a class of ashamed schoolchildren, the audience fell silent, before applauding Kyle’s speech both in the studio and on social media.

“This just shows how when roles are reversed [domestic abuse] is viewed so differently,” one Twitter user said, while others gave Kyle “massive respect” for making his important point clear.

Danni was invited onto the stage to defend herself against Geoff’s accusations, saying he “hit her in the boob” and denying that she ever locked him in. DNA results proved that Geoff is the father of their children and the former lovers agreed to remain amicable for the sake of the family.