Last week, many Americans were left baffled after the US House of Representatives passed a repeal and replacement Obamacare bill.

Never one to miss a beat, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver spoke about the controversial bill, lambasting those who openly admitted they hadn’t read the entire thing. 

Oliver kickstarted by playing a clip of South Carolina’s Mark Sanford who told CNN he had turned through every page but not read them all. 

“You turned through every page?” a bemused Oliver said. “That’s not how you read a bill, that’s how you check a bill for spiders.”

The host then turned on New York’s Chris Collins, a Republican who, when questioned by The Buffalo News, asked the reporter to explain parts of the bill.

“Okay, I can explain that to you right now,” the ex-Community actor said. “Essentially, you f**ked up.” Oliver then began to present various diagrams explaining how much Collins ‘f**ked up’.

Towards the end of the segment, Oliver began attempting to rap Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’, but stopped because of copyright infringement. Watch the full segment below. 


Lately, Oliver has taken to lampooning the Trump administration, recently targeting Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.