Local lawyer Jamie Casino delivered the most metal Super Bowl advert imaginable

'At some point a man must ask why God created him'

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While the rest of the Super Bowl-watching world was distracted by saccharine puppy-based commercials and Scarlett Johansson shilling for SodaStream, Georgia residents were treated to a personal injury lawyer advert of biblical proportions from attorney Jamie Casino on Sunday night.

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There were no Saul Goodman-esque gesticulations here, no stock images of the scales of justice nor awkward testimonials from clients.

No, Jamie Casino instead bought out an entire two-minute block of the Super Bowl's lucrative advertising space in order to serve up an action movie trailer of a commercial for viewers in Georgia.

Using the true story of his brother Michael being gunned down on Labor Day in 2012 and the subsequent cover-up by a local police chief as a backdrop, the advert announces the superbly-named Casino's decision to pursue pro bono work, with the lawyer declaring: "I don't represent villains anymore, I speak for innocent victims who cannot speak for themselves."

Highlights include him dragging a flaming sledgehammer through the dirt, using it to smash a gravestone to smithereens, staring at his brother's photo in a dingy cathedral and musing: "At some point a man must ask why God created him" as a crushing metal riff drops.

Casino currently uppercuts injustice into outer space from his office in Savannah, GA.