Martin Freeman on nude scenes: 'I prefer going with what God gave me'

The Sherlock star found it was easier to bare all during filming

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Nude scenes are a daunting prospect for any actor, but Martin Freeman has admitted that he would prefer filming completely naked than trying to cover up.

The 43-year-old Sherlock actor said that through experience he found it easier just to let it all hang out than trying to hide certain parts.

“I’ve done a few naked things in my time and after a while, I stopped using what they give you,” he said on The Jonathan Ross Show last night.

He explained that the crew give actors “a discrete pouch, a sock sort of thing” to put over their body parts.

“It’s like a medieval purse. You put it around what you have and you tie it together but over the course of shooting, it starts to fall off.


“So after a few jobs, I said to the woman in question ‘would you mind, if it doesn’t offend you, I’m just going to go with what God gave me’. Because it’s so humiliating. I think if the woman is not offended, I would rather just be naked.”

Freeman’s most famous role in naked was in the Richard Curtis’ mega romantic comedy Love Actually, where he played a body double.

The role required him to shed all his clothes and simulate sex on a film set with co-star Joanna Page.