Orange Is The New Black season 3: George 'Pornstache' Mendez isn't coming back

Actor didn't rule out a return in a later season

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Orange Is The New Black actor Pablo Schreiber has confirmed that Mendez aka "Pornstache" will not be back for season 3, with the corrupt prison officer's arrest apparently being the end of his story.

Mendez left Litchfield in handcuffs last season when he was framed for having sex with Dayanara, a form of comeuppance that the writers clearly think was adequate in tying up his sub-plot.

"I’m not taking part in the third season," Schreiber told the New York Post this week. "I’m a member of a show called The Brink that’s going to be on HBO. It’s a half-hour comedy with Jack Black and Tim Robbins and me [as] the three leads. I’m really excited about it.”

Pornstache provided some of OITNB's funniest moments and was arguably its best anatagonist, but it's still possible he might return in a later season.

The truth about Dayanara's pregnancy could come back to bite Bennett, with Mendez revealing seemingly legitimate feelings for Diaz when he confessed his love for her as he was dragged out of Litchfield.

"While season three is out of the picture, beyond that is open," Schreiber added. "I'm not a part of the third season, but going forward after that, we just don't know.

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"I would go anywhere that [creator Jenji Kohan's] working, and I know that our paths will cross again soon, whether it's on Orange or on a future project."

The actor heaped praise on Kohan, saying he "respects her to no end" and thinks "she writes the best dialogue on TV right now."

Orange Is The New Black has been filming in New York recently, with season 3 expected to land on Netflix next year.