Richard Hammond in 'motorbike crash' 11 years after high-speed collision that almost killed him

The Grand Tour presenter reportedly hit his head after falling off motorbike in Mozambique

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Richard Hammond was reportedly knocked unconscious after crashing a motorbike while he was filming for an episode of The Grand Tour. 

The former Top Gear presenter hit his head after coming off his motorbike in Mozambique, Africa, The Mirror reports. 

His most recent crash happened in the last fortnight - 11 years after he almost died in a 288mph collision while filming Top Gear. 

Co-star Jeremy Clarkson said he was "hurt quite badly" but when the team were asked if Hammond needed to go to hospital Clarkson reportedly said: "We don't do hospitals."

Hammond has since made a full recovery. 

In 2006 the Grand Tour host almost died when he crashed a jet-powered car capable of reaching speeds of 300mph while attempting to break the British land speed record for Top Gear.

He fell into a coma and suffered brain damage which he said caused him to suffer depression, paranoia and memory loss. 

It is believed that despite initial concern, footage of the incident in Mozambique will be featured in the second series of the Amazon Prime show, which is set for release later this year.