Scuzz TV fined £10,000 by Ofcom for broadcasting explicit Hollywood Undead video before the watershed


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A music TV channel has been fined £10,000 for broadcasting a video by mask-wearing American band Hollywood Undead, which features images of nudity, drug-taking and homophobic language, before the 9pm watershed.

Ofcom imposed the fine on digital satellite channel Scuzz TV which broadcast the video for “Undead” by LA rap rock band Hollywood Undead at 8.40pm on Sunday August 19 last year.

The media watchdog said the three-and-a-half minute video included "multiple instances of the most offensive language" and more than 35 "brief but close-up shots of naked or near-naked breasts, all presented in a sexualised context" as well as homophobic language.

In one scene two women simulated sex "in a shower cubicle while a male band member vomited into a toilet" after depictions of drug use.

Scuzz TV argued that BARB viewing figures suggested no children were watching the broadcast.

However, Ofcom said it breached the broadcasting code and said the fact it was shown during the summer holidays meant there "was a likelihood of children being available to watch, and consequently that the material had been inappropriately scheduled".

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