South Park lampoons Donald Trump, portrays the Presidential candidate as misogynistic stand-up comedian

'Just wanted to see where your line was'

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This season of South Park has been relatively kind to the two Presidential candidates, poking fun at both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in equal measures while choosing neither side. 

For instance, when mocking the first presidential debate, instead of picking on just Trump as many other parodies have, the show’s creators decided to have Mr. Garrison - the show’s reflection of Trump - admit he is an awful candidate live on air, to which Clinton responds robotically: “My opponent is a liar, and he cannot be trusted.” 

In a recently revealed clip, the show once again focusses on Garrison, using Trump’s recent comments about women as a launch pad.

In the clip, Garrison can be seen standing on stage, pretending to be a stand-up comedian. His first joke starts: “No dude wants his finger in some ugly b*****s a**.”

Following the joke, a woman stands up to leave, while all the other females look on with shock on their faces as the men laugh. “Oh, you’re leaving?” Garrison asks as she walks out.

“You’ve been OK with the f**k everyone to death, all the Muslim and Mexican s**t, but fingers in the a** did it for you? Just wanted to see where your line was.”


Looks like we can expect a woman bashing Garrison in the weeks to come. Recently, South Park caused controversy after billboards advertising the show were placed outside select locations, including the Church of Scientology.