Sean Spicer doesn't watch Melissa McCarthy's SNL skits 'because he's sleeping'

The White House Press Secretary claimed he hadn't seen Melissa McCarthy's latest takedown 

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Sean Spicer doesn't really know how the internet works, though you probably already knew that.

CNN talked to Spicer at Monday's Easter Egg Roll at the White House, asking whether he'd seen Melissa McCarthy's latest impression of the Trump's administration's Press Secretary. 

"I'm fast asleep... I’m in bed, get up, go to church the next day, and look ahead," Spicer responded, seemingly unaware of the fact that YouTube and the internet at large exist, meaning he's able to catch up on all the ways the world is making fun of him 24/7. 

This weekend saw McCarthy tackle Spicer's embarrassing comments in reference to Hitler "never using chemical weapons", despite gassing millions.

“And I know they’re not called Holocaust centres, OK? I clearly meant to say Concentration Clubs," McCarthy's Spicer yelled. "Let it drop. It would be really great if the nitpickers could see the bigger picture and didn’t focus on every little slur and lie I say."

Spicer has, at least, seen some of McCarthy's take on him, having previously asked whether she could "dial back" on the impression.