The Crystal Maze is coming back – but not exactly as we know it

Like Richard O'Brien you too could get your hands on one of those golf ball-sized Swarovski crystals

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News that The Crystal Maze is making a comeback was greeted by squeals of excitement by the otherwise fairly serious news editors in The Independent’s morning meeting today

The beloved Nineties game show presented by Richard O’Brien, a labyrinth of camp and hilarious hazardous situations in which contestants compete for golf ball-sized Swarovski crystals ,will officially be resurrected – but not quite as we know it.

Instead of gracing Channel 4 each week the new Crystal  Maze will be a “live and immersive interactive experience” which you (yes, you) can take part in.

However, the reboot announcement arrived in such cryptic form that quite what is happening is about as clear as one of mumsy’s visions.

What we do know is the live game show will be based in London and the first blueprints released by producers look very similar to the football pitch-sized studio that O’Brien used to flamboyantly put contestants through their paces in – featuring a Crystal Dome, pyramids and even a bald-headed presenter who looks suspiciously like the presenter/Rocky Horror Picture Show star.


The Crystal Maze website is calling for people to register their interest to take part and their Twitter account promises: “The legendary game show is back! But this time we all get to play!” which is quite a claim really. Expect lawsuits if they don't follow through...

In its heyday the series was viewed by around 6 million people and was the most-watched show on Channel 4. The broadcaster described the show at the time as “a highly ambitious, high risk show that paid off handsomely”, and it ran from 1990 to 1995.


It is unclear whether the new Crystal Maze will be televised but so far nothing suggests that it will. Perhaps if enough of us win shiny crystals…? To the Crystal Dome everyone – go!