The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10 trailer hints at a pretty exciting reunion

It's finally happening - Daryl will be reunited with his beloved weapon of choice

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The new trailer for The Walking Dead season seven's tenth episode has been released and sheds some light on how things are going to go down with the ominous group surrounding Rick Grimes and company at the climax of midseason premiere, 'Rock in the Road.'

“We own your lives. Wanna buy them back?” one of the mysterious individuals tells Rick who immediately eyes an opportunity to recruit more people up to his war.

“The Saviours - they own our lives,” he responds, “...and they will come looking. But there is a way out.”

While we still don't know who the new group that Rick comes up against are, a minor detail in the opening scene involving Father Gabriel may have provided one big hint.

Elsewhere in the trailer, it seems like Negan's clan will be heading to The Kingdom for a particularly heated visit with Ezekiel's head of security Richard (Karl Makinen) teaming up with Daryl (Norman Reedus) for an unknown task while the king himself will be taking a trip out of the faction's walls to see Carol (Melissa McBride).


Of course, none of this matters an ounce when the trailer includes Daryl's reunion with his iconic crossbow previously in the clutches of Dwight (Austin Amelio).


Watch the trailer below.

The five major talking points of episode nine - which was dedicated to the show's 'unsung hero' - can be found here.

The Walking Dead airs in the UK tonight on FOX at 9pm and continues in the US this coming Sunday (19 February).