But what did kittens make of the Vice Presidential debate?

Stephen Colbert decided to use a kitten focus group to cover the debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. 

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Considering just how little sense this election has so far made, the idea of deciding the outcome of the Vice Presidential debate through kittens suddenly became as good an idea as any.

This appears to be the logic behind Stephen Colbert's coverage of the debate; deciding to opt for a kitten-cam while Republican Mike Pence attempted to defend Trump's "campaign of insults", while claiming how "brilliantly" he managed his $1 billion loss followed by 18 years of tax avoidance. Actually, the kittens do make more sense here.

Streaming the kittens live on Facebook, the enclosure was divided into both a Democrat and Republican section, with a basket of "undecided" kittens in the middle. 

As if to mark some prescient metaphor for the country's own experiences with the election, the debate was mainly marked by kittens trying to escape the enclosure entirely and just evaporate into a nothingness of no consequences. 

The rest of the kittens eventually resorted either to napping or to fighting amongst themselves; which, again, feels like some sort of metaphor. You can watch the Livestream below.

All the kittens featured in the video are available for adoption from North Shore Animal League. You can visit their website here