Video shows Fresh Prince of Bel Air sing-along on Liverpool bus

One brave man led the bus in song

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In a moment that anyone who has been to a cheesy nightclub can relate to, a man in Liverpool has gotten a bus rowdily singing along to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune.

A video of the sing-along shows Patrick McBridge being egged on by his friends to title song of the hugely popular Nineties sitcom.

McBride, who was riding on the 86 bus returning from the Liverpool International Music Festival according, then enthusiastically breaks into song.

Before the man has even made it past the first few words of the rap, his fellow passengers cheer and join in.

Impressively, the group manage to remember both verses of the song which made it into the show’s opening credits, and they can be forgiven for not remembering the little-known 3-minute extended version.

Paige Kelly, who was on the bus and is a friend of Patrick's told the Liverpool Echo: “It was literally the whole bus singing along. We were singing the Beatles and everything, it was an absolute ball.”

Finola Brown, who recorded the footage, told the newspaper that the bus driver was not bothered by the scene, and thanked him for entertaining the passengers as he left the bus.