Westworld season 2 already in the pipeline

Showrunner Jonathan Nolan also revealed how video games ended up influencing the series

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HBO's hyped Game of Thrones follow-up may not have yet secured itself a second season, but showrunners Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan are already hard at work coming up with new stories for Westworld

While speaking at New York Comic-Con (via Deadline), Jonathan Nolan let slip that the team was "breaking season 2" as of now; a move of confidence that's bolstered by the fact Westworld landed HBO its most-watched premiere in three years. Indeed, it will be a major surprise if this show does not get renewed for further seasons. 

Jonathan also revealed the influence of video games on the show in their sense of granting freedom to the player; stating, "We played some as research for making this show, as when [Michael] Crichton first wrote his movie, video games literally didn’t exist except for PONG."

"The way they crafted some of the shots is to mimic a video game," star Thandie Newton added. "The way we are there is not the way we are in the real world."

Of course, the Nolan team kept their lips sealed when it came to what's on the horizon for the show; although one thing that we do know is the show won't be delving into the other worlds mentioned by the 1973 film Westworld, namely Roman World and Medieval World. When the question was posed during the conference, Nolan quickly responded: "Roman and medieval? No!" Leave that for the spin-offs, presumably. 

Westworld Extended Trailer

Westworld airs in the US on Sunday nights and follows in the UK on Sky Atlantic every Tuesday.