David Randall

David Randall is a British journalist and author of The Universal Journalist, a textbook on journalism.

Where there's Mucking, there's grass: For 50 years an old quarry was a

An Essex landfill site which once took 15 per cent of all London's rubbish has been ingeniously transformed into a nature reserve. The tip, full to a depth of 30 metres with the capital's garbage, was first covered with earth and then turned into grassland. Here, and in adjacent wetland and wooded areas, hundreds of rare species now thrive.

The FBI's big miss: Boston bombing fugitive shot dead was on radar two

Two years ago, the FBI received a tip from a foreign government that Boston bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a radicalised Islamicist. The bureau investigated, and found no evidence to support the claim. Last Monday, it found out - too late - that it was all too lethally true

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