Emma Henderson

Brunch on Saturday

Brunch out (literally) in The Ivy in Chelsea’s winter wonderland or stay home and whip up spicy fritters perfect for a seasonal start to the day

8 best Burma books

Get the most out of Southeast Asia’s final frontier with some well-chosen literature

How to at, drink and be Hygge

Just as sunny rooftops were the highlight of the summer, winter themed terraces, restaurants and lodges form a comforting and warm escape 

Pancakes and omelettes

This week on Brunch on Saturday, we visit a Dutch-inspired pancake house and make healthy omlettes at home

The interior designer who never grew up

With the spirit of Peter Pan and the lifestyle of Indiana Jones, Martin Waller has been scouring the world for inspiration for decades, and will host the 20th Interior Design Awards later this month

Masterchef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire

Jane Devonshire was a reluctant entrant into the BBC programme but, egged on by her children, she showed she could cope with the pressure and is now starting her career as a full-time chef, writes Emma Henderson

Brunch on Saturday

This week in Brunch on Saturday, we take a relaxing brunch near one of the capital's busiest spots and make vegan friendly pancakes at home

Brunch on Saturday

This week in Saturday Brunch, we recommend a tapas inspired restaurant in the east End and try making your own smoky beans on toast at home

Talli Joe restaurant review

With half plates and full drinks, explore some of India's least known dishes from the Punjab to Kerela. Emma Henderson takes the trip

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Craft London restaurant review

Guinea-pig style testing of innovative dishes created especially for every Tuesday’s tasting course makes for a customer-inclusive experience

An ocean of colour

Despite the turn of the seasons, this autumn welcomes warm and bright hues of blue contrasted with white, which has taken inspiration from water, weather and cities

Brunch on Saturday

This time in Saturday Brunch, we're getting simple and cooking a dish in one pot, and relaxing over several courses at the Modern Pantry