Environment Editor

Government unveils plan to cut fuel bills

Big changes in the way Britain organises its electricity production were announced yesterday to meet the triple challenge of climate change, high bills for householders, and security of energy supply.

Record sightings as red kites enjoy second wind

Red kites, the majestic birds of prey which 20 years ago were one of Britain's rarest creatures and confined to the Welsh mountains, are now being regularly seen in gardens around Britain, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has found.

For sale: the finest view in Snowdonia

This farm and this lake form the backdrop to one of the most recognisable views in Wales – and today the National Trust launches a million-pound appeal to help save them.

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Wild swans under threat as numbers begin to decline

Britain's two species of migratory wild swans, which come from the far north to spend the winter here and add grace and charm to many lakes and pools, are undergoing contrasting fortunes which are beginning to worry conservationists.

Wardens plan to rescue 140 nature reserves

The wardens of England's 140 state-run national nature reserves want to form their own mutual company to save these "wildlife jewels in the crown" from the consequences of government proposals to dispose of them.

Nature reserve's gamekeeper accused of killing wild bird

The head gamekeeper at a country estate which owns one of Britain's most celebrated national nature reserves has been charged with a string of wildlife and firearms offences, after an investigation by police into the death of a wild bird.