Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky is a writer and broadcaster who engages in national and international debate on a wide range of issues. As a former foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington, and a special correspondent in China, she has an international perspective that also informs her writing on Britain. Never afraid to challenge the consensus, she has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. She was in Moscow during the collapse of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union; her five years in Washington culminated in the tied election of 2000 that brought George W Bush to the presidency; and she was diplomatic correspondent and editorial writer for The Independent before, during and after the Iraq War.

Mary Dejevsky The brightest have suffered for long enough within education

It is perverse in the extreme to encourage school diversity and choice to the point of allowing pretty much anyone to set up a new 'free' school, then to allow selection on all sorts of criteria – sports, music – but to ban absolutely the most basic selection of all: by academic ability

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