Tom Peck

Tom Peck is The Independent's Parliamentary Sketch Writer. Before that, he was a Sports Writer, Columnist and Olympics Correspondent.

Jeremy Corbyn has no real intention of making peace

Among those with whom peace must be made is Peter Kyle, who will feature on a Channel 4 Dispatches this week, which appears to shows activists from Corbyn’s leadership campaign plotting a takeover of his local party to deselect him from his seat

Labour members must have say over Shadow Cabinet, Corbyn insists

Allowing the party membership to elect Shadow Cabinet positions was labelled ‘deeply divisive’ by Owen Smith, as the Labour leader was forced to deny claims he will use the boundary review to enforce deselection on MPs who have been hostile towards him

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How Jeremy Corbyn destroyed the Labour Party in 365 days

Here’s to a year in which, three eighths of the way through the world’s slowest reshuffle, a minor MP called Barry Gardiner walked past some journalists and went to the toilet outside Jeremy Corbyn’s office, prompting a presumed instant elevation to the shadow cabinet