Tom Peck

Tom Peck is The Independent's Parliamentary Sketch Writer. Before that, he was a Sports Writer, Columnist and Olympics Correspondent.

David Cameron's 5 worst moments in PMQs

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah, at your first stint asking the questions at PMQs, at 38 years of age, to tell a Prime Minister who’s won three elections that, ‘He was the future once,’ as David Cameron did in December 2005.

How Cameron will see out his last day as PM

The British system of democracy, which has despatched itself with such beautiful efficiency over the last few weeks, will have another of its periodic moments of charming idiosyncrasy, when one Prime Minister hands over to another via two meetings with a woman appointed by birthright that no one else is allowed to see.

Angela Eagle launches her leadership challenge – to a half-empty room

If you’re waiting for a quiet moment then you’ve picked the wrong time to be alive but even so it should be noted that Angela Eagle has twice delayed her Big Leadership Challenge Announcement, so as not to clash firstly with Jeremy Corbyn’s own once half-expected resignation and secondly the centenary of the Battle of The Somme.

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