Britons give green light to clean energy

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Britons are prepared to back a massive expansion of renewable energy announced by the Prime Minister last week, a startling poll shows.

Nearly 60 per cent of respondents told Ipsos Mori that the UK "should invest now in renewable energy even if it increases the price of energy bills", 19 per cent believing this "strongly".

On Thursday Gordon Brown promised to increase the amount of energy from renewables tenfold in just 12 years, in what he called "a green revolution in the making". Though the poll was carried out last month, the results will still encourage Mr Brown, who has come under attack because of fears the drive for clean power will put up prices. He himself believes that the promotion of renewables will lead to an eventual reduction in energy bills and create 160,000 new jobs.

Independent readers were the greenest respondents in the poll: 24 per cent cited the environment and pollution as key issues.