Liese Spencer on events

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Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a super furry animal? Well, here's your chance to become a nuclear-charged guinea pig for the evening, as the Albany Theatre is transformed into a capsule of experimental theatre and space-age music. The concept for tomorrow's event came from the original biosphere 2, a nuclear protection pod in the Arizona Desert which, following a stringent selection process, became home to seven American government guinea pigs. Sealed up for two years in this supposedly perfect world, the secret seven went slowly bonkers, contaminating their controlled environment with messy affairs and sneaking out for illicit hamburgers when the FBI wasn't looking.

Luckily, Saturday's "happening" is not modelled too closely on real events. Instead, the night is something between a circus, a club and sci-fi theatre for X Files addicts. Kitsch pop eccentrics Taxi Val Mentek will be playing a bizarre tapestry of Latin grooves and 1970s film soundtracks, while Concussion will dangle an outrageous mix of aerial contortions and dangerous humour over the heads of the audience.

Organiser Adrian Berry promises "super-sensory saturation", which means that there is free food thrown in for anyone game enough to enter this hectic arena. So, all that's left to do is alert potential pigs to an apocalyptic nuclear explosion planned to take place towards the end of the night. Happily, the Albany's magic mushroom cloud will not mark the death of the planet, but simply a set change, a musical meltdown to the soothing rhythms of DJ Crystal Tipps.

Albany Theatre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 (0181-692 4446) Sat 8pm pounds 5