The best tablets of 2013: the Apple iPad Air, the Lumia 2520 and the Tesco Hudl

Our round up of the best technology of 2013 continues with the best tablets...

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The standout tablet is the Apple iPad Air thanks to its amazing light weight, slim design and preposterously powerful processor. But right behind it is Nokia’s exquisite Lumia 2520 that offers the fresh, attractive Windows 8.1 OS and makes it really work, even though this is only the RT edition. An honourable mention goes to the Kobo Arc HD which offers strong ebook capabilities and a smoothly responsive touchscreen.

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Things are more hectic in the smaller-screened tablet world, led by a surprise entry: the Tesco Hudl which for £120 offers amazing value, great design and more than decent specifications. Of course, for glam stylishness, the iPad mini with Retina display is stunning and it even has the same super-fast chip found in the iPad Air.

But for ultimate usability, newcomers can feel in safe hands with the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX which matches a stunning screen and super-friendly version of Android operating system with a killer extra: Mayday. In the Help section is a one-touch link to an Amazon customer service staffer. It’s a one-way video call – the live helper is visible to you but he or she can only see your screen. They can take control of the tablet to do stuff for you or just draw on the screen so you can do it yourself.

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