The food & drink quiz

  • @SimonOHagan

1. The Golden Spurtle Trophy is awarded to the winner of the competition to make the best what?

2. Seven foodstuffs feature in the titles of Beatles songs (not including cover versions). Which songs?

3. 1962 nautical adventure starring Marlon Brando; 1996 comic science fiction film starring Jack Nicholson; 2005 comic science fiction film starring Martin Freeman. What's the connection?

4. Which beer was invented in 1989 by Karan Bilimoria?

5. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut set a world record in 2009 when, in 10 minutes, he consumed 68 what?

6. Café Europe was a 2006 cultural initiative that was the result of which country's EU presidency?

7. The name of London's oldest riverside pub, dating from the 1500s, connects it to a town in Yorkshire. Which pub is it?

8. Complete this line from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: "Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more..."

9. The fictional town of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes is the setting for which 1999 novel (later a film)?

10. What, in 1951, was Raymond Postgate's contribution to Britain's food life?