The Saturday quiz


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1. Which decade did WH Auden describe as "low, dishonest"?

2. Alan Paton; William Wycherley; William Wyler; the Coen brothers. What's the connection?

3. Modest was the alliterative first name of which composer (1839-1881)?

4. The Hound of the Baskervilles is set largely on which moor?

5. The last time a hereditary honour was granted to anyone outside the Royal Family was in 1991. The recipient, who was made a baronet, died in 2003. In the meantime his wife, who is still alive, was made a Baroness. Which couple?

6. The folktale of Bluebeard, first published in 1697, originated in which European country?

7. Which is the only record to have twice been Christmas No 1 – in 1975, and in 1991?

8. Tex Avery (1908-1980) was a leading exponent of which branch of cinematic art?

9. The Ridotto, established in a wing of a Venetian palace in 1638, was the West's first legal what?

10. Which western European country – population 320,000 – has no public railway?