The Saturday Quiz

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1. Which publication was founded in Newcastle on Tyne by Chris Donald in 1979?

2. Who lived from 1920-92, wrote more than 500 books and has a crater on Mars named after him?

3. What item of clothing is a Borsalino?

4. Elton John just received a "medal of gratitude" for helping bring down the communist regime in which country?

5. Dating from the 5th century BC, which is the largest passenger port in Europe?

6. Which major London institution occupies the site of the one-time Millbank Prison?

7. The Vieux Carre is in which US city?

8. Ronald Searle drew the picture for the Molesworth books but who wrote the words?

9. The Ninety-FiveTheses, (1517), is regarded as the primary catalyst for what movement?

10. Which band was formed when its two founder members met at Freshers' Week at London University in 1996?

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