The Saturday Quiz

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1. Sacha, Weeting, Elveden, Tuleta. What’s the connection?

2. He came to prominence playing JD in a celebrated 1991 movie. He’s now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Who?

3. It was first published in German in 1899 under the title Die Traumdeutung. Which groundbreaking study?

4. What does LVMH stand for, as in the luxury goods brand?

5. New York consists of Manhattan and which four other boroughs?

6. My Animals and Other Family: whose recent memoir?

7. Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson were among the founders of which photographic agency?

8. ‘Great Royal Wife’ or ‘Chief King’s Wife’ is the term used to describe the wife of which ancient ruler?

9. Which poet (1914-1953) described his whiling away of hours in a bar as “mouldering”?

10. Which TV cook was restaurant critic of The Spectator during the 1980s?