The Saturday Quiz


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1. What is the upper age limit for entrants to the Turner Prize?

2. The concept of "cloud-cuckoo land" originated with which Ancient Greek playwright?

3. Which annual sports event was created by Albert I, Prince of Monaco, in 1911?

4. How many times do the pips sound on the hour?

5. What is the Pope's Twitter address?

6. "The Boss of the Plains" – a style of hat created in the 1860s – soon became known as what?

7. Which leading opera is based on a 19th-century novella by the French writer Prosper Mérimée?

8. The Zurich and London Agreement of 1960 led to the independence of which southern European Country?

9. What is the English translation of Kraftwerk?

10. August Strindberg; Muriel Spark; Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil; Sandra Bullock. What's the connection?

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