The Saturday Quiz


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1. The often-quoted opening line of The Go-Between – LP Hartley's 1953 novel – is what?

2. Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana were whose original backing musicians?

3. According to one source, the most expensive undertaking of Elizabeth I's reign – £128,648 – involved the fortification of which English town?

4. He founded this 'orchestra' in 1938 and died six years later. It still tours under his name. Who?

5. Which are the only two UK cities to have been European City of Culture (in 1990, and 2008)?

6. Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool, August 1992: the first what?

7. Elkie Brooks; Tracy Chevalier; Michael Bay. What is the connection?

8. Which is the only South American country that's a member of the OECD?

9. Founded 1826, which is France's oldest national newspaper?

10. Mike Thornton first, Diane James second, Maria Hutchings third. What?