The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which is the easternmost city in France?

2. Which garden in East Sussex was made famous by Christopher Lloyd?

3. In the sitcom Blackadder, what is Blackadder's first name?

4. Which European country has double the average number of refugees, relative to its population?

5. Robin Soderling, in Paris in 2009, is the only man to have done what?

6. Which American philanthropist, with a university in Baltimore named after him, was described as "an abolitionist before the word was even invented"?

7. Which city and its environs comprises the largest metropolitan area in Africa?

8. Chevening is the official residence of the holder of which office?

9. According to the title of this 2012 bestselling novel, who is Amy Dunne?

10. In 2001 Tirana international airport was renamed after whom?

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