The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. How is Jorge Mario Bergoglio (born 1936) better known?

2. Masters and Johnson were a 20th-century husband-and-wife research team specialising in what?

3. Which celebrated 1932 novel is set in the London of 2540?

4. Who is Jane Austen to replace as the face of the £10 note?

5. The so-called Time of Troubles – comprising both an interregnum and a famine during the early 1600s – was a period in which country's history?

6. Which city has a Test cricket ground named after Colonel Gaddafi?

7. Associated with the monasteries at Melrose and Lindisfarne, his tomb is in Durham Cathedral and he is regarded as the patron saint of northern England. Who?

8. "If they're dead, we'll sign them" was a slogan of which 1976-founded UK record label?

9. Which controversial company was founded in 2007 by Errol Damelin?

10. The amphibious Jeep was called what?

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