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1. Widely regarded as the world’s first pop festival, it took place in California in June 1967. Which festival?

2. The two zoos owned by the London Zoological Society are London Zoo and which other zoo?

3. Edd Kimber in 2010, Joanne Wheatley in 2011, and John Whaite in 2012 were the first three winners of what?

4. The city of Suez stands at the southern entrance to the Suez Canal. Which city stands at the northern entrance?

5. The US equivalent of the UK’s Arts Council is called what?

6. Which has the bigger population, the Orkney Islands or the Shetland Islands?

7. Quinoa originated in which continent?

8. The Wounded Knee Massacre, the launch of the county cricket championship, and the death of Vincent van Gogh all occurred in  which decade?

9. James Bond; Bertie Wooster; Sebastian Flyte; Captain Hook. What’s the connection?

10. Whose top priority was “education, education, education”?

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