The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. What was first declared upon the accession to the French throne of Charles VII, following the death of his father Charles VI in 1422?

2. In which country did Skoda cars originate?

3. According to the line by WH Auden, what was "Bringing the cheque and the postal order"?

4. Bob Marley's backing group was called what?

5. According to 2012 figures, which country is visited by the most international tourists?

6. Harold Ross (1892-1951) was the founding editor of which publication?

7. Which major UK retail outlet has the same name as Odysseus's dog in Greek mythology?

8. Which UK city has an extinct volcano in the middle of it?

9. Dating back to 1851, it is the oldest trophy in international sport. Which sport?

10. A dime is worth how much?

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