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1. What links the last king of Albania with the home of puppets Zig & Zag?

2. The wreck of the flagship of Sir John Franklin, who made a doomed attempt to find the Northwest Passage, was found this year in Canada. What its name?

3. Which word, common in retail, derives from the name of small pavilions common in the Ottoman Empire?

4. The final words of which British Prime Minister are alleged to have been: "I think I could eat one of Bellamy's meat pies."?

5. What charitable organisation was founded by vicar Chad Varah in 1953?

6. The composition of which Coleridge poem was interrupted by "a person from Porlock"?

7. Kenyan Dennis Kimetto set a new record for which athletic event in Berlin in September?

8. Which city had the world's first ghetto?

9. What is the name given to a single-portion takeaway or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine?

10. Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale features the coastline of a country which didn't have one. Name it.

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