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1. In 1962, who did 'Time' magazine call "The most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry"?

2. Which band won five awards – including Best Album – at the 2014 NME awards?

3. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island make up two of Canada's Maritime provinces. Which is the third?

4. George Eliot and the wife of Benjamin Disraeli shared the same what?

5. The most northerly point on the island of Ireland is Malin Head. But is it in Ireland or Northern Ireland?

6. What does the German artistic movement, Sturm und Drang, translate as?

7. Narita and Haneda airports serve which city?

8. What is unusual about the Hope and Champion pub in Buckinghamshire, which opened in January?

9. Rose Tremain's 'The Colour'; Katherine Mansfield's 'The Voyage' and Eleanor Catton's 'The Luminaries'. What's the connection?

10. Tony Blair beat Margaret Beckett and who else in the 1994 Labour leadership election?

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