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1. Which musical format was launched by Sony in 1992 and remained on sale until 2013?

2. The Kingdom of the Netherlands includes three island countries in which sea?

3. Which geological period makes up the middle part of the Mesozoic Era?

4. Whose house in Sarajevo was destroyed during WWI; rebuilt as a museum; destroyed again in 1941; rebuilt as a museum in 1944 and destroyed again in the '90s?

5. Whose second short story, "A Voyage in a Balloon", appeared in the magazine 'Musée des Familles' in 1851?

6. The large, elaborate signature of whom was the first added to the US Declaration of Independence?

7. The Lapworth Museum of Geology, the Ikon Gallery and the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter are all in which city?

8. The Texans, Titans and Eagles all play in which league?

9. Switzerland's Lys Assia in 1956 and Denmark's Emmelie de Forest in 2013 – the first and most recent winners of which competition?

10. What connects "A Horse with No Name"; "Heat of the Moment" and "The Final Countdown"?

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