Bites: Why chef Corrigan is in a fowl mood

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Another week, another cockfight over poor poultry. This time it's Richard Corrigan (pictured), the proprietor of London restaurants Lindsay House and Bentley's, who is engaged in a battle of words with fellow countryman Joe Duffy, after the radio-show host blamed the chef for the closure of the Limerick poultry plant that employed his brother. Corrigan, who in 2005, long before Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver started to ruffle feathers over cheap chicken, spoke out passionately against intensively farmed Irish fowl, has dubbed Duffy's comments "horseshit" as he prepares to open a Dublin branch of his Bentley's oyster bar.

Meanwhile, David Chang, Manhattan's motormouth chef du jour, has banned photography at his latest restaurant, the heavily oversubscribed 12-seat Momofuku Ko. Chang claims the ban is for the good of his diners, who are being blinded by the flashbulbs of food pornographers so busy taking snaps that they're letting their food go cold.