Credo: Katie Melua

Musician, 23
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* I am Georgian. The best way to describe it is by saying that my head is British and my heart is Georgian.

* Eastern European immigrants here are incredibly hard-working as they realise how lucky they are to be here, especially those who remember Communism. You get more than just Polish plumbers these days, too; I just came across a great Hungarian skincare product called Ilcsi which uses just organic ingredients

* My most recent album will be my last in creative partnership with Mike Batt (yes, he was once a Womble). The main reason? I'm growing up fast and three albums done in a similar way is enough.

* Allowing my music to be used on adverts is anything but negative. I've discovered so many great artists that way, such as Moby. It's just another platform to get your music out there.

* Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen are today's quintessential British singer-songwriters. Good on them in whatever they choose to do and however they choose to do it.

* I find it creepy on the odd occasion when I'm recognised on the street. But I've only ever been "papped" once. It was in Camden, in Wagamama, and the photographer was in there eating as well, so he just took a few pictures and that was it. I didn't freak out and try to find a back-exit.

* Parachuting gives me a real rush. Jumping out of a plane is such an exhilarating, breathless experience.

* I am turning into an obsessive gardener. I bought my first place in August and the garden is only small, but even before I moved in I was down there putting in roses and camellias.

* I'm very green. I've got a water butt that collects rainfall rather than using tap water. I do other things too the cab company I use only uses hybrid cars.

'What A Wonderful World?', a duet by Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua, is out now