Why I Love: Aussie amazons

Kaki King, musician
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A month or two ago I was touring in Australia and switched on the TV and saw these girls. They were tall, blonde, wearing skirts, and moved so fast. I called my friend: "Who are these amazons?" She explained they were playing netball, and that she knew a girl who had captained the Sydney Swifts.

I was playing a gig at Sydney's Acer Arena, supporting the Foo Fighters, and had a big guest list and not many people on it, so I invited the team. They turned up really psyched, and when I was doing a duet with Dave Grohl I looked up and saw a row of incredibly tall blonde women. I'm really short, so when they came backstage and we posed for a photo, I looked like a DNA accident next to them. They caused a real stir. I'm smitten.

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