Why I love: Passing it on

Jamie Hector, Actor
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I love watching the look on people's faces when you give them something they didn't expect, whether it's a pair of trainers, a lift or a good word. You can give materially or you can give your time, just by listening.

A guy came to talk to me in the trailer the other day because he had some problems. I had this book that I hadn't quite finished reading but I thought he could use it, so I passed it on to him.

Making films is a privilege, but you've got to serve the people, and to tell stories that need to be told. I don't make a big deal of religion, although I guess Christ was the original giver.

The truth is, giving is its own reward. You've just got to get into the habit of doing it. And if that sounds obvious, well, a truth unrehearsed is soon forgotten.

Max Payne (15), starring Jamie Hector andMark Wahlberg is out from 14 November.