Why I love: Russell Mael, Singer, Crowd of Ants

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Both my brother Ron and I are real Japanophiles, if that's a word. When we check into our hotel in Tokyo I always request a room overlooking Shibuya Crossing, the huge pedestrian junction illuminated by vast changing billboards.

There's something enchanting about sitting high up in your hotel room at night watching what appears to be two trillion little ants moving around. It's like a Rorschach print coming together before your eyes. You can also see a floodlit soccer pitch on the top of a tower block, with people running around, 40 stories up. It's the epitome of the modern, 'Blade Runner' side of Japan. Oh, and there's also Hachiko, the bronze statue of the dog that was so faithful to its master it sat waiting for him for years. What, Greyfriars Bobby is the same? Guess it's not so unique after all then.

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