Why I love: Slip sliding away

Marcus Brigstocke, Comedian
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The moment it gets cold, I start thinking about the slopes. It's the most free you can be, out there under a big sky, sliding as fast as you dare on two planks. Or one plank.

I've developed a sense of self-preservation ever since I broke a shoulder and a finger showing off to my little brother and his friends. "Watch this!" I said before taking a jump from a massive vertical incline and landing in a heap.

I'm quite nerdy about the kit. I wear a helmet, avalanche detector and wrist protectors, and I've made three different snowboarding iPod playlists.

I'm organising the Altitude comedy festival in Meribel this year (5-20 April). Skiing by day, stand-up by night is a great combination. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Alan Carr is like on skis.

Ski Sunday returns to BBC2 on 20 January at 7pm; Marcus Brigstocke will guest-star in February