Torch goes out on Day Three of relay


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The Devon town of Great Torrington has written its name in the pages of Olympic infamy, as the place where the Olympic Flame went out, on Day Three of the relay.

It was attached to the side of para-badminton star David Follett's wheelchair when, shortly before 10am, the great light went out, a faulty propane cylinder to blame.

It is in fact, a far from uncommon occurrence. Two back up flames, "an heir and a spare", both with the same unbroken heritage from the summit of Mount Olympics, travel in Davy lamps in the 350 person convoy that accompanies the torch bearer, for use in just such an eventuality.

Meanwhile yet more unfortunate news has emerged for torchbearers. It seems that their prized memorabilia may in fact not have a street value of more than £150,000.

Sophia Cowburn, a 19 year old whose torch sold on eBay for £153,400 has admitted the winning bid turned out to be a hoax.