Letter from the editor: A sense of humour

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We are currently engaged in defining the profile of a typical i reader — intelligent, successful, inquisitive, and devilishly good-looking, that type of thing — but it occurs to me that one quality that unites readers of this newspaper is a sense of humour.

(You need a sense of humour to wade through this rubbish day after day, I can hear you say.) And yesterday, as I established base camp before setting out on an assault on the working week, it was the wit of your letters that made Monday morning a bit more bearable.

First up was Dave Potten, of Rochester: “Why the fuss over Fulham FC’s new statue?” he asks. “I think it looks more like Michael Jackson than he did.” And then Nik Burlak, of York, made me laugh out loud by asking whether Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Cooper Brown are related. I don’t know which one of them would be more affronted with the idea that they come from the same gene pool, but I did spend an idle minute or two wondering what a meeting of these two brilliant — but very different — individuals would be like. Who knows?

Perhaps they’d hit it off. Yasmin might even prove to be the civilising influence that Cooper sorely needs, and instead of spending his nights in hedonistic pursuit in the Groucho Club, he might choose an evening debating the rights and wrongs of multiculturalism in modern Britain. Then again, maybe not.

Oh, I almost forgot. We’ve got Katie Price in the paper today. And before you all start complaining — you promised us no celebrity nonsense! — it’s a really interesting and complex story that involves life, liberty, freedom of speech and the right to offend. Believe it!