Letter from the editor: An eventful week for you, and i

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It’s all changed round here in the wake of the rather unfortunate incidents that saw the football pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys lose their jobs. Walk past the sports desk these days and no longer will you hear ribald jokes and manly laughter, merely the tap-tap-tapping of the keyboards punctuated by the odd comment from the sports editor about how much more exciting women’s tennis is these days.

No longer does one of our assistant editors walk over to a young female colleague, lick his finger and dab it on each of their lapels, saying: “Darling, we must get out of these wet clothes.” And on the picture desk, a land inhabited exclusively by women, they are now very careful what they say when those images of James Franco start dropping.

Yes, it’s been quite a week, and I suspect that many people, in offices up and down the land, have been forced to think about what constitutes appropriate behaviour in the workplace. Mr Keys and Mr Gray will certainly have plenty of time to reflect over the weekend - plus, they’ll be able to put their feet up, and watch that nice Gary Lineker on the BBC.

During the David Icke-like performance of Richard Keys this week, he referred to their banter as “prehistoric”. It made me wonder what happened to cavemen whose behaviour was less than gentlemanly: “Come off it, Zog. We’re not having those Paleozoic attitudes round here!”

It’s also been quite a week in the short but eventful history of i. Many of you will have seen our television advert by now (yes, that is Jemima Khan) and the response has been astonishing. Every day for the past fortnight, sales have grown, and they are now at a record level. So a massive thank-you to you all, particularly those who’ve told their friends how good i is. Enjoy your weekend - one way to do that would be to buy The Independent tomorrow - and we’ll see you all again on Monday. In the meantime, mind your language!