Letter from the editor: i on Saturday

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You can’t say that we don’t give you what you want! I’ve lost count of the number of readers who have written to us asking for a Saturday edition of their favourite daily paper (see a small selection of your comments in a special edition of @i on page 14).

So, roll of drums! Here it is! From May 7, i will be available on a Saturday, meaning an end to all those sad weekends you’ve spent counting the hours before we spring into action again on Monday.

So how will the Saturday edition be different? Well, all the things you like about our weekday edition - plus the letter from the editor - will be there. But, in addition, there will be plenty more in your complete, concise companion to the weekend. A special section of the paper we’re calling “Leisure and Pleasure” will focus on just that, everything from food to travel, gardening to fashion, opera to style. There’ll be more sport, more interviews, a weekend TV guide and advice on personal finance from our experts. All done, of course, with the accent on i’s trademark quality and brevity.

There will be extra games and diversions (including the Codeword puzzle you’ve been asking for), and all this, in one fun-packed section of 64 pages, will cost just 30p. What value! Anyway, we’re counting on you to make it just as big a success as the Monday to Friday paper. We take pride in being Britain’s most interactive paper: we’ve listened to you and now, no longer, will Saturday be our day of rest. For you, we hope, it will be a day of leisure and pleasure, with i asyour faithful companion. Here’s to it!