Luna sleeping night oil, £85,

These products may look scary - in reality they're anything but

I vividly remember the halcyon days of my youth, when blue eye makeup was all the rage among my friends at university – and no I'm not that old; this is since the turn of the millennium, thank you very much.

Thankfully, given the permanence of online image sharing, I never dabbled in the trend for turquoise mascara and eyeliner. But blue needn't be banished from the beauty world completely – some of the best skincare on the market harnesses the power of the warmest colour in products that may look scary but in reality are anything but.

Blue Oil balancing concentrate


Despite the mentholated smell, this oil doesn't feel cool on application. It not only helps calm the mind but can ward off or get rid of headaches too.

Luna sleeping night oil


Apply this face oil before bed by massaging in to clean skin until it turns from blue to clear, which means the retinol has absorbed and you won't stain your bedding.


Blue Plasma cleansing treatment


The name may sound intense but the results aren't: this no-rinse cleanser and peel is gentle enough for frequent use without drying most skin types.

Blue herbal gel cleanser


If you like to use a face wash but find some too harsh or drying, this fluid gel is an excellent alternative – salicylic acid is great for preventing breakouts and oily build-up.

Hello Sailor lipstick

£20, Lipstick Queen,

No I haven't completely taken leave of my senses: this true blue hue is nothing of the sort as it transforms itself into to a bitten berry shade once applied.