Glastonbury: Festival goers gather to see the sunrise from the Stone Circle area at the Glastonbury Festival

Whether you're planning to rock out in a field or rave it up this summer, make sure you look the part. Fashion experts Gemma Hayward and Rebecca Gonsalves show you how

Festival season is upon us. And with audiences no longer content with seeing a few acts perform in a muddy field and a plentiful supply of free milk – as the first-ever Glastonbury offered in 1970 – the industry is now big business.

The alternative festival survival guide

There are hundreds of festivals to choose from both here and abroad, and there is something to cater for almost every musical taste, while food, literature, comedy and culture all now have their own events to attract the crowds.

Wherever you intend to pitch your tent though, when it comes to packing there are some universally sensible rules – bear in mind that you'll have to carry everything from the car/coach/airport and back again, so packing light is key.

A maxi skirt may seem like the perfect way to channel your inner Bohemian but when a hem has been dragged along the ground and stepped on 50 times it tends to lose any glamour.

Hats and headbands may seem too outré for your real-life persona, but throw caution to the wind – after two days without washing your hair a chance to cover it up in style will be a godsend.

Shorts are an easy way to preserve your modesty when sitting on a picnic blanket – and can be worn with tights and wellies if the weather is wet.

Flip-flops may seem like a good idea if the sun is shining but exposing your tootsies to the mercy of the elements and other (intoxicated) people's feet is not.

Taking off every layer of clothing in a portable loo is nobody's idea of fun, so if you choose to pack a playsuit or body pick one with a fastening in the shorts.

Layers are your friend – even if the weather is scorching by day, it will inevitably cool at night and plenty of fine-gauge knits will afford you a degree of climate control without creating too much bulk.

Sunscreen, waterproofs and wellies are essentials whatever the weatherman says when you set off from home. And don't forget the dry shampoo.

The alternative festival survival guide