Get your knit on

Michael van der Ham’s signature collage-style designs translate to a colourful cashmere collection for Brora, says Rebecca Gonsalves

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The UK may not be facing anything as extreme as superstorm Sandy, but the recent arrival of autumn proper (signalled by chilling winds,driving rain and excited whispers of imminent snow showers) means now is the time to stockpile winter warmers.

After all, long johns and ski socks may be the perfect ensemble for a date with the sofa, but they won’t cut it outside the comfort of your own home. Luckily Brora, the cashmere company that was founded nearly 20 years ago and still proudly produces its wares in the UK, has collaborated with London designer Michael van der Ham on a new capsule collection.

For his mainline, Van der Ham creates 3D collages of texture and colour, here he has translated this signature to a vivid take on classic knitwear: zig-zag stripes are bright and bold, block colour borders frame delicate lace knits and abstract intarsia patterns crop up on jumpers,gloves and hats.

“The colour palette was really important,” he says. “I used a lot of vivid shades to offset the pastels we used, and all different types and weights [of stitches] so I could mix them within the range. I love that with knitwear you can control every detail from the core fibre.”

The weather may still be beyond our control, but we can dress for it, at least.