Life in bright colour

Louise Gray is known for her rainbow-hued designs – and her new line for Topshop is bright on trend

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Dinky bottles of bright nail polish infused with oversized glitter, high-pigment eyeshadow encased in pastel plastic palettes, and velvet-smooth lipstick that packs a colourful punch – the essence of Scottish designer Louise Gray has been perfectly captured in her new range of make-up for Topshop. This is the woman whose keyboard, studio and often face are liberally daubed with squiggles of neon paint, smiley stickers, hearts and glitter, after all.

Known for her upbeat and energising London Fashion Week shows, with this collaboration Gray has redefined the autumn beauty essentials, designing a range that is "young and fun. My main-line collections have always been about pushing optimism, colour and fun. I want [the Topshop girl] to experiment with the product, be daring and enjoy it." An iridescent jolt to those women beginning the annual sleepwalk from summer brights to autumnal shades and softness, if you will.

To accompany the cosmetic collection, Gray has created a six-piece clothing line, too, in which her love of colour and texture is writ large. Simple shapes are completely covered in multicolour sequins with stripes, stars and smiley motifs all covered. And who better to model the designs than Gray herself, who can pull off blue eyeshadow (not to mention brows) with enviable ease. Styled to showcase her "more is more" attitude, the sequined pieces are layered with lace-trimmed silk, leopard print and stripes, while Gray's earrings are enough to make Pat Butcher's seem demure.

"The dresses and tops are all totally covered in sequins – I made them to go dancing in," Gray says. "I want the Topshop girl to stay out all night."

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