A collection of the designer's finest quotes that reveal the talented and charismatic man behind the legend

Following the news that Oscar de la Renta has died aged 82, the world paid tribute to the legendary fashion designer remembering him as one of the most inspirational men in the industry.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss, for example, said: “Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today and for always inspiring me to be better" and British Vogue editor, Alexandra Schulman, said: “Of all the designers in the world, Oscar de la Renta was the most reliable at designing clothes that made you feel beautiful."

He's known as the man who dressed the world's most powerful women, who was the friend of Upper East Side ladies in Manhattan and as the designer who reigned the red carpets with his feminine gowns year after year. But also, he's known as the man who offered a pearl of wisdom to many.

We gather the finest quotes by the talented and charismatic man behind the legend, proving his devotion to designing clothes that truly made women feel beautiful and powerful.